Skin Care Price List

European Facial- $ 80.00
Express Radiance Facial- $ 60.00
Sea Escape. Facial for Men- $ 85.00
Extended Youth Facial- $120.00
Acnipur Blemish Solution Facial- $120.00
Ocean Illumination- $120.00
Eye Perfection- $ 25.00
Sea Scrub- $ 85.00

Custom Made Facial to address your specific needs.

Andre Napier Spa Skin Care Department offers a wide variaty of treatments performed by licensed master esthetition with multi-years experience. Located in gorgeous traditional European Spa setting our skin care department utilizes state of the art equipment and the highest-end French cosmetics. All services are performed in absolutely sterile enviroment with utmost attention to clients comfort and safety. Complementary individual linen service and luxurios shower area allows you to refresh and instantly jump back into your busy life style. Gourmet coffee, tea and sweats, friendly and welcoming staff will make your service not only relaxing but also pumpering. Over 90 percent of our clients come back for repeated service. We will do anything possible to make sure that als you will become our regular patron.

European Facial - $ 80.00
European Facial is a treatment for any skin type that can be customized to enhance every complexion.

Express Radiance facial - $ 60.00
Express Radiance Facial is a 30 minutes express beauty treatment design to fit into your busy life style. It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin leaving it fresh and beautiful.

Sea Escape. Facial for men - $ 85.00
Sea Escape Facial for Men is a customized facial adapted to men's needs. This tailor-made facial utilizes specific actives and products that address men's skin. A potent, targeted serum and mask are selected based on the skin individual needs whether oily, dry, sensitive, or mature.

Extended Youth Facial - $120.00
Extended Youth Facial is design to combat three major beauty flaws: Anti-aging, Wrinkle correction and firming. Three key steps in a high-performance treatment: resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face. Especially formulated rubberizing mask reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Acnipur Blemish Solution Facial- $120.00
Acnipur Blemish Solution Facial (Frequent/constant breakout or inflamed acne) purify and normalize the complexion with deep cleansing and sanitizing treatment steps. Acid mask preapares the skin for extractions, post extraction serum reduces the redness and inflammation and increases the skin's repair response. Skin emerges clean, clear and radiant.

Ocean Illumination - $120.00
Ocean Illumination for hyperpigmentation, age spots and uneven complexion. Alpha hydroxy acid, marine extracts and a potent form of Vitamin C target hyperpigmentation for dramatic results.

Eye Perfection - $ 25.00
Eye Perfection is a radiance smooting eye treatment that helps the eyes look visibly younger.

Sea Scrub - $ 85.00

Custom Made Facial to address your specific needs. Esthetition will quote prior to service. Custom Made Facial takes into consideration all your concerns and requests and addresses specific trouble areas. Our experienced master estheticial will tailor the individual treatment for you using multiple techniques and various approaches and cosmetics to achieve the desired result.