Nails Services Prices

Manicure - $18.00
Pedicure - $32.00
French Manicure - add $5.00
French Pedicure - add $5.00
Spa Manicure - $30.00
Spa Pedicure - $40.00
No-Chip Manicure - $35.00
No-Chip Pedicure - $45.00
No-Chip French Manicure - $39.00
No-Chip French Pedicure - $49.00
Special Design (each nail) - $5.00
Paraffin Wax Treatment - $12.00


Eyebrows - $15.00
Eyelashes - $15.00
Henna Eyebrows or eyelashes with waxing only - $10.00

When it comes to nail services, safety has no compromise. Unproperly sanitized manicure and pedicure stations in run-of-the-mill nail salons are a common health hazard to many customers. It takes time, knowledge, effort, and money to completely eliminate health risks in a nail salon.

At Andre Napier, our luxurious Nail Spa spares no resources in order to provide you with the safest technologies known to the spa industry. Our pedicure stations are equipt with state-of-the-art magnetic jets that completely eliminate any drain contamination. Our jets operate on air pressure instead of jaccuzi-like drain systems which are a common culprit for the transfer of bacteria. Our pedicure bowls are made of antibacterial hard-crystals which make them not only beautiful to the eye, but also extremely easy to disinfect. Our staff is highly-trained in sterilization procedures and attentively follow them to the slightest detail with no exceptions. When using our nail services, you can rest and relax knowing that you are in the hands of a qualified technician who is not only an expert in the field of nail care, but also a strict follower of proper sanination procedures. I put my name on our spa sign and I personally guarantee you a safe, professional, and technically perfect service.

Andre Napier