Massage Price List

Swedish Massage - 60 minutes - $60.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 60 minutes- $80.00
Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes- $80.00
Therapeutic Massage - 60 minutes- $80.00
Sport Massage - 90 minutes - $120.00
Express Therapeutic Massage - 30 minutes - $40.00
Pregnancy Massage - 60 minutes - $80.00

Cultivating the tradition of the finest European spas, massage rooms at Andre Napier resemble old British castle settings.

Beautiful interiors with 17th a century fireplace, hand-made massage tables, Renaissance-style wall finishes, and candle lighting adds to your relaxation and tranquility. Our highly trained hosts and technicians treat each and every client as the most important guest they've ever had. All clients are provided with complementary plush robes, foot wear, and toiletry, as well as refreshments, gourmet coffees, teas and sweets. At Andre Napier Spa, the safety of our clients is our main priority. All of our rooms are cleaned and sanitized after each use and replaced with a complete new set of linens. Our gorgeous shower room allows you to refresh yourself after a massage and continue your day feeling rejuvenated.

Our exceptional massage technicians have many years of experience and were selected based on their skills and abilities to provide you with a professional, safe, and relaxing or theraputic experience. There is no service more personal than a massage. We have done our job to assure that you have a remarkable experience. Enjoy your massage. You deserve it.

Andre Napier

Swedish Massage - 60 minutes - $60.00
Classic full body massage. Typically gentle massage aimed at relaxation and rejuvenation of the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage - 60 minutes - $80.00
Slow and deep massage aimed to ease chronic stiffness and tensions and to restore normal movements and motion of muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is a perfect massage to combat ostheoarthritis, chronic pain, sciatica, or fibromyalgia.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes - $80.00
Swedish or deep tissue massage with the use of basalt heated stones to help your body restore it's healing abilities.

Therapeutic Massage - 60 minutes - $80.00
Massage concentrated on specific body areas of concern. Aimed at relieving pain by targeting trigger points with the use of electrotherapy and heat and cold therapy.

Sport Massage - 90 minutes - $120.00
Deep tissue massage that includes various stretches to improve mobility.

Express Theraputic Massage - 30 minutes - $40.00
Massage concentrated on a specific body area. Aimed at relieving pain by targeting specific trigger points.